Being one of the leading women's fashion stores in Europe, Damart is loved and known by many. We took over the Damart program in 2020 and immediately started recruiting affiliates which pushed the program to take off and well exceed the expected growth we had forecasted. Since then, we have seen YOY growth as well as strong relations with the affiliates, building a strong, well known affiliate program that affiliates are keen to get onboard with.

The Client

Damart have been creating great quality style to love since 1953. Being one of the leading women's fashion stores in Europe, it is loved and known by many.


We started to manage Damart's affiliate program back in 2020 and straight away started to maximise their online performance. We have a target to increase YOY and focus on finding new customers, bringing down the age range for the brand. This was achieved quickly due to the knowledge and relationships with affiliates we already had. We have seen substantial growth each year, with an increase of 43% from 2020 to 2021.


After taking over the affiliate program in 2020, we carried an initial recruitment strategy to work with all the big cash back and voucher sites, to get the program up and running and sales ticking over nicely. Our next step was to reach out to the more long tail affiliates, nurturing a hub of content and fashion bloggers which we knew would be a great match for the Damart. Getting the retargeting affiliates on board really gave the program and boost and is still successfully generating huge revenue for the program.

Day-to-day management of the program includes sending out regular communications to the affiliates detailing the current offers and promotions Damart are running. We manage the promotional budget generating a positive ROI, by selecting tenancies and promotional packages that offer the most opportunity for the program. Ensuring Damart’s affiliate strategy follows their overall online marketing strategy, we work to maximise their online performance by carrying out weekly and monthly analysis and reporting on those results.


  • Revenue in 2021 well exceeded target for the first full year of the program
  • Revenue increased by 180% in 2021 compared with 2020
  • Currently on target for 20% growth in 2023

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