Scoff Meals, a meal delivery service known for its delicious and diverse meals, dived into the world of Influencers to elevate its brand presence in the competitive food market. With the rise of influencer marketing as a dominant force in digital marketing, Scoff Meals saw the potential of using influencers' reach to enhance their affiliate program's success which paid off after seeing the massive uplift in traffic and brand engagement.

The Client

Scoff Meals are one of the UK’s main pre-prepped, pre-cooked healthy meal delivery services. They offer quality, healthy and delicious food at a great value with a wide range of dishes that are changed every 2 weeks.


Scoff Meals have boosted their online channel to appeal to a wider audience and reach their ever growing target market online. By maximising the affiliate channel, they wanted to reach new and existing customers online  through social media, utilising influencers that have a healthy fitness focus, making them the perfect pages to push out meals that go hand in hand with what they do.


We started to run the influencer campaigns towards the end of May 2023 and carried out an initial recruitment strategy to build a base of influencers, focusing on their fitness and healthy living pages. With a focus on engaging with well-matched instagram accounts, including fitness, healthy eating and lifestyle bloggers, we sent out regular communications to keep them updated with the program aand ensure that they were able to keep pushing out relevant information to their audiences.

We maximised key promotional strategies such as having a massive focus on what makes Scoff Meals different and the perfect choice for those trying to become healthier but not knowing where to start. Alongside this, we also looked at influencers who promoted healthy food and how to have a healthier lifestyle just from the food that they eat. We saw this to be our most beneficial channel as it was to the biggest audience of over 1 million followers. We also recognised the potential for Scoff Meals in working with the influencers on a much more intimate level, making sure that they knew exactly what was needed from them and how to go about promoting the Scoff Meals program, but also letting their own creativeness take control of the final post.


Scoff Meals are extremely pleased with the huge increase in traffic and brand engagement they have seen through the social media campaign month on month growth.

  • Website traffic increased by 243% from May to July 2023
  • Became a known brand and competitive among similar brands in the social media world.
  • More new customers are still coming to the brand

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