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Do you have an app idea or is your company thinking of developing an app? If so then check out these top 5 tips for things to do and think about before going ahead.

1. Sketch out your Idea

You may not be the greatest artist in the world but story boarding your app idea is essential. It will allow you to think through what you want to include in your app, the flow of the app, the processes and also what you can fit into the app screens for a phone and tablet version. This will also be a huge help when looking for a developer.

2. What is the Purpose of your App

Are you producing an app to make profit from being sold in the app store or are you developing one a as marketing tool to reach out to your consumer base? Either way you need to have a purpose for your app. If you are producing an app to sell in the app store it feds to be functional and serve a purpose or need. If you are producing an app as a marketing tool then it will still need a function and need to give people a reason to download it and use it.

3. Use of Smart Phone Technology and Tools

Smart Phones are full of wonderful technology and tools, you need to think about how best your app can tap into these and utilise them to make the app experience as best as it can be. However do not get carried away with trying to use all the clever tools and functions, make sure that you stick to the technology that fits your app idea do not try to integrate technology or tools into your app just because they are cool, they need to have a purpose, and remember sometimes the technology and tools can be the cause of crashes resulting in bad reviews.

4. Do your research

New and novel app ideas are the best, so scour the app market for any apps that maybe similar to yours, if you can't find any, then great, but if you can then make sure you get the app and check it out, see where it ranks in the app stores and check out the reviews. Even if there is competition out there it doesn't mean your app won't be better just make sure you make your app slightly different with better functionality.

5. Finding a Developer

Unless you have the coding skills yourself or internally you will need to find a suitable development company or hire a suitable person to develop the app in house. There are many app development companies out there now across the UK and US but there prices and methods can vary greatly.

Speak to at least two to three companies abut your idea and get them to give you a free cost spec so you can compare them. Ask to see examples of previous apps they have built and ask about the success of these apps. You may end up with three completely different quotes so make sure you quiz each dev company on their approach and what's required. Also find out about the cost of any updates and ongoing management as this can significantly increase the cost.

At Clear New Media we have the experience of producing and launching our very own football based app as well as being in the closing stages of developing a new game based app so if you do have an idea and would like some expert advice then get in touch we are happy to help.

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